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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

It's now Winter, I think that's what it means when there is a bunch of white cold "stuff" on the ground. The kids have had a great time playing in the snow. They wish everyday that it would snow enough to get another "snow day". It is nice to see but I am not liking the driving in it, at all! The roads around here, to the bus stop are so muddy and slippery, I am grateful we have our 4 wheel drive truck, otherwise I'd be stuck in that muddy, icy roads. this is all new to me, snow days, 2 hour delay days, ice roads, mud.... never ending mud. This makes keeping a house clean even harder. The other thing I am not used to is making our own heat. Yeah, we get to collect firewood and keep the fire going as much through the night as possible. It has been great for the kids to see how easy things were before the move. Bailey is just like the kids, wants to just play in the snow, doesn't even go inside her dog house. She now comes in at night and sleeps in the laundry room. Its all good though, I do enjoy this time and how pretty everything is dusted in white. I believe this is Winter!!

winter snow

Monday, November 24, 2008


I know this post is late, but I couldn't find my camera cord, somewhere in the midst of boxes in a storage unit... probably!! We all had a really enjoyable time at my parents house. Cheryl always doing some planning on our annual Halloween party. The kids get dressed up, as well as the adults. We normally have some pumpkin carving, games and dinner. we made a quick visit to Fun City to pick up some last minute costumes, namely mine and Jareds. Treven wanted to be a punk rock guitarist, Skylar wanted to be scream, but couldn't find the costume so he went as some living dead "thing", Noah was Venom, and Kayla was my pixie "tinkers". Jared picked up Master Chief, from Halo and I found a "sexy Bat", yep. Later after the whole party, Jared, I Cheryl, Robert, Trent, Karolann, and Mikey went to a haunted house. The Night of the Living Dead, believe that was it, I hate haunted houses, but this time it was fun just standing in line, one of the "living dead" was outside hanging around the "living" waiting to get into the haunted house. My sister Cheryl freaked.... he was right behind her and then in front of her, everywhere she didn't want him to be actually. It was quit comical. We had such a fun time. On Halloween our ward was doing a trunk or treat, the guys actually made it up here in time to go to that. Tara and I had the trunk decorated with spiders and webbing. We had done up some small things for people to feel and squirm with. we had things like dead cold hands, pieces of ears, intestines, mashed brains.... it was fun. (sorry no pics from that).

This is Halloween, Halloween

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What happens here... stays here in Mexico

Monday, September 22, 2008


It was another great time in Mexico. The weather was just HOT, and the air was HUMID. It was fun though. We left early Thursday morning. We, my mom, dad, Daryl, Bethany, Bret, Mindi, Cheryl, Robert, Karolann, Mikey, Trent, Bethany's dad, and step mom, and me and my kids. There were others that were already down there, like the Ray family. Its always a fun good time when we go down there. Jared hasnt been down since I was pregnant with Kayla. Thursday we got there about 10:30 am and of course set up camp as soon as possible. The kids of course want to be at the beach as soon as possible. Friday we went to market to market..... such the tourist traps. The market always has somehting somebody needs, or doesn't need. We can't leave the market without stopping at the Thrifty Ice cream shop. The ice cream shop was especially nice since it was the only building with Air Conditioning. After yummy, expensive ice cream we drove to the pharmacia. We also drove down to our old "hangout" ok well actually our old camping area, Playa Elegante. It is no longer there, so sad, the whole area has been cleared to make way for a huge sky rise condo that is to be built. when we got back to our camp it was just about cool enough to go to the beach without burning up. The ocean was soo warm felt like a spa, almost to warm cause you wanted something to cool off in. Friday night I was surprised to see Jared walk through my parents fifth wheel door. It was soo nice to see him and have him there with me and the kids. He brought two of the boys friends down with him too. Saturday was just going to other markets and beach time. That night we went out to dinner at Phat Taco. The little hole in the wall "restaurant" was good with $1 tacos. It took them a while to get our order. By Saturday night my cousins came down to hang with us too. We have such good times. The last night there is always a little sad, knowing you have to leave to go home to reality. The next time we go will not be in September, way too hot.... even October is a little too warm. The campground we stay at is The Reef. Crazy fun is what we do. I am hoping next time will be just as enjoyable.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Summer... summertime

I know I haven't posted in a long time. Its been kinda hard to write about things. This past summer was very emotional, what else can I say. I do know that my "trials and tribulations" aren't as bad as others so I wont go on about how dark and dreary my life has been...... enough said about that. So we had a few birthdays this summer as well. I cant believe how my kids are growing sooo fast. Its so sad(sniff, sniff)! It has been an adventure. These pictures are taken at Tempe Marketplace. We went and ate dinner at Dave and Busters.... played some games while waiting for our friends Devin and Fawn. They had a concert going on that night. We only had Kayla and Noah, the other two were up visiting grandma. The kids had lots of fun plaing in the water, as you can tell. It was a fun night. August was found trying to scramble to get ready for school. I know I didnt get any first day pictures, sorry :( The kids are all enjoying it though. This year Treven gets to go to Science camp. It is the end of October. Treven is also playing violin this year. Skylar is in 4th grade and seems to be doing well. I really like his teacher, I think it will be good for him. Noah, oh my Noah. He's just excited that his teacher wants to use the gym balls for the kids to sit on, instead of chairs. She is really big on healthy and active kids. She says the balls will help strenghten their cores and balance. ( We'll see how long that lasts;) Little miss Kayla, she stays home with me and tries to play something all day. Its kinda hard entertaining her and work at the same time, yeah, speaking of work.... My dad has moved the business to his home and I work for him. Summer was really scary as far as finances go. Jared hasn't had a job since July and my dinky pay checks were not even worth the paper they were printed on. I am so grateful now he started working about 2 weeks ago. My work had picked up a bit now. Instead of 1 or 2 orders a week, its now 5-7 a day, much better. Things are slowly coming back together....
I am definitly excited for our semi- annual Mexico trip. We didnt go down in March, but we are leaving next week I am soo really needing this vacation. I am grateful that my family gives us this opportunity to go. We usually ride down with someone and saves us cost of gas,. I really appreciate all that family do for us. Jared and I are extremely blessed to have such a wonderful family. On both sides... I really am grateful for everyones help. Thanks so much to all.